Welding Bronze Sculptures – How To Weld Bronze Sculptures

welding bronze sculptures

Dragon Song
other side

Mig welding bronze sculptures is quick and easy, once you learn how. I recently shipped two bronze sculptures (see images on the right) to China, for installation in the new Sheraton South City Hotel in Shenyang (Opening August 18, 2013). Shipping was via a broker in Illinois, Concordia International, though Fed Ex International would also have handled the shipment. It’s easier to use a broker because they keep the paperwork straight. Fed Ex International quoted me prices of about $300 per 80 lb crate, air shipment!

Powder Coating Experience

Blue Powder Coated Sculpture

Blue Powder Coated Sculpture

I recently had an aluminum ribbon sculpture finished with blue powder coating for a couple living in Vancouver. Actually, my customer was a gallery in San Diego, who was working with an Art Consultant in Vancouver who was working with the client. You can get many levels of people between an artist and the artwork’s final destination.

Water Inside Sculptures Outdoors

landscape sculptures

Twisted Spiral Nobius

Water May Collect Inside Sculptures Outdoors

Water inside metal sculptures outdoors – who would have thought that would happen? I shipped a metal sculpture to Escondido, CA earlier this year. When I picked it up from our Sculpture Garden, I was surprised to find there was water inside the metal sculpture. How did that happen?