Learned This Week: 2-15-2012

large landscape sculptures

Pas de Deux 1
112″h x 30″w x 30″d

It’s been a very busy month in the sculpture shop. I am only working on one project, a slightly smaller version of my Pas de Deux sculpture design. I am trying to keep careful account of the time required so that I can more accurately price these sculptures. Looks like it’s going to end up being about 80 hours. It is a pleasure to work on only one project. I am naturally a high-focus person and, when I am trying to do too many projects at once, I can feel like the Linda Blair character in the first Exorcist movie (1973), with my head spinning around. Multi-taskingĀ  can be very exhausting but sometimes it’s the only choice, running several tests and procedures, in the sculpture shop, one after another.