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I worked on two different designs to build a sphere sculpture today: a truncated icosahedron  (on the left) and an intricately woven projected rhombic dodecahedron (below and right). They were both concepts I started last summer. Both were made with 1/8″ aluminum. The truncated icosahedron is made with thirty 12″ x 4″ rectangles riveted together with 120 rivets and is 24″ high. I had previously assembled it with 6-32 screws and nuts and that didn’t look very good. The rivets work well and look good too. Think of the rectangles as being the edges expanded from a line in a normal truncated icosahedron. Note there are 20 triangular openings and 12 star-shaped openings. Now it needs a mounting interface to go on a pole which will then get attached to a base, cleaned up and painted gold on the inside and blue on the outside. Next I will do a large version of this sphere sculpture in stainless steel. A normal truncated icosahedron looks like a soccer ball with 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons.

Spheroid Sculpture

Spheroid Sculpture

The woven projected rhombic dodecahedron sphere sculpture was a very challenging weaving project, but I enjoy puzzles and I love the way it looks. I worked on it for four hours yesterday and was very flummoxed by the end of the day. I put it aside, let my subconscious work as I slept and came at it with a fresh approach today. It is made with 12 cross-shaped pieces, each 11″ in diameter, which resulted in a diameter of about 11″ for this spherical geometric design. In the photo, the ends are connected with black tape. This will end up either welded or riveted or epoxied, I’m not sure which. I will do a larger version soon, probably in the same metal, 1/8″ aluminum, or possibly 3/16″. The outline of a rhombic dodecahedron can be seen in the center, with 4 squares and 8 hexagons.

I am committed to finishing about a dozen sphere sculpture designs this year. They are fun and quite beguiling. My wife wants me to make lights with them. Perhaps I will do so with a few of them.

What else did I do? I updated all the 301 Redirects for the .htaccess file to go with the updated website. That took 4 hours of high-focus labor and constant proof-reading: hard on the eyes.

I had ordered a sheet of 14 gauge 304-2B stainless on Thursday. Friday they delivered it but it was damaged. Someone had cinched a strap down really tight and didn’t check to make sure the strap ends were on the slats of the skid. I spent all day today wondering when the truck was going to show up but it never did. And when I called Alro, their phone rang busy busy busy. That’s never happened before. Facebook was down for a while too. But the sphere sculpture designs were happening!

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