Sculptures for Sale

Now Available:  Sculptures For Sale and Quick Shipping include bronze, stainless steel and aluminum art sculptures.

These sculptures for sale are all handmade by John Searles in the USA. NOTHING FROM CHINA! These metal art sculptures are unique and one of a kind. They are fabricated individually from flat sheets of metal, cut, shaped, welded and finished with love, then signed with the sculptor’s (my) name. They are not made from castings or mass-produced. And yet they are economically priced, compared to the majority of cast and fabricated sculptures in this country. Why? Because I, with one helper, do all the work ourselves! We are highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. We believe that the best way to discover how to make our sculptures is by doing it ourselves. We do not outsource the work to a fab shop: thus we can keep our prices low and our quality maximal.

Sculptures for Sale Online

The smaller metal sculptures for sale are great for gifts or as table-top sculptures. Of course, any of the small abstract art sculptures can be made in larger sizes. The larger sculptures for sale are for sculpture gardens, groves of trees, park-like areas, lawn areas, focal points for a garden and of course, anywhere inside. All these sculptures for sale are suitable for outdoors, large or small.

Please contact us for pricing and purchase information on these sculptures for sale or to discuss your specific needs for a custom sculpture.

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