More Rotating Sculptures

Eight more rotating sculptures – I am limiting the number of images per page so the page loads faster. It is fairly easy to add a slow turning dc motor to a base, or a simple rotating base that you can hand-turn.

These animated gifs were created by placing a sculpture on a large rotating base and making a series of photos while rotating the sculpture in front of the camera. Then I sequenced them in Photoshop to create an animation. It’s a great way to see all the different sides of a sculpture very quickly. After all, a sculpture is a 360 degree work of art.

Patience Alert: These small rotating images link to large rotating images in the 5-7 megabyte range – it make take 20-30 seconds to open the big file. (note: so far I only have the first 4 linked. I will finish the linking as soon as I can.) The large images open in a new window so you can stay busy while the images are loading.

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