Metal Sculptures – Mobius Designs

Mobius metal sculptures have fascinated me for years. These abstract metal sculptures are made with a twisted metal ribbon shaped into a loop. The mobius design can be simple or complex. The ribbons can be straight strips, wavy strips, spiral strips and square spiral strips. The thin ribbon mobius metal sculptures appear to have two sides but only have one side! Trace your path along the ribbon and you have to go around twice before you get back to your starting point. Mobius metal sculptures are made by giving a 180 degree twist to the ribbon(s) of metal before the ends are welded together.

The non-ribbon mobius sculptures appear to have four sides but only have two! Another oddity is that the two ribbons are of equal length, whereas a typical ‘nobius’, such as a circular shape, has the outer ribbon longer than the inner. I like to think of mobius metal sculptures as representing ‘never-ending love’. You have to be a romantic to be an artist, I guess. Though the converse isn’t necessarily true.

I find the half-twist that creates mobius metal sculptures makes the movement of the sculpture much more interesting. I have tried making some ‘Nobius’ sculptures. Yes, they are interesting too, but the mobius metal sculptures take the cake.

Please contact me for purchase information and to discuss a custom mobius  sculptures for your project.

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