Pas De Deux Lawn Sculpture

lawn sculpture

Pas de Deux #1
Rotating View

Here are some additional views of the Pas De Deux Lawn Sculpture, including an animated GIF rotated through 11 views. It’s fun to watch it rotate. In fact, I could make it with a slowly rotating base for you. You can click through the images one at a time, in sequence, or click on the rotating thumbnail to see bigger rotated images. This Pas de Deux sculpture is made with 1/8″ aluminum for the sculpture and 1/4″ aluminum for the bases. Aluminum is a bright silvery metal ideal for lawn sculptures. It is very strong (used for airplanes, boats and race cars) and never rusts.

This lawn sculpture is quite tall, 9’4″ tall and 30″ wide and deep. This height includes 30″ total for the bases. The bottom-most base is a flat plate of 1/4″ aluminum, 30″ x 30″ square, with a mounting hole in each corner. We delivered this sculpture to an eastern suburb of Cleveland in 2011. It was actually installed in the garden courtyard of a fabulous designer home.  Here you can read more about the lawn sculpture installation.

This lawn sculpture was a joy to make. In addition, we had it in our sculpture garden for about a year and it was a joy to see every day. It was also installed in front of the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, Indiana for a while, where it drew a lot of attention and praise.

Lawn Sculpture – How Tall Is Best?

Many times people ask me, “How tall should a lawn sculpture be?”  The answer to that question is properly, “it depends”. It depends on how big your front lawn of your garden site is. Garden sites are usually smaller and therefore a 5-6′ tall sculpture might be enough. A big front lawn with a circle drive might require a 11-12′ sculpture: a smaller size lawn sculpture might look undersized there. A lawn sculpture in the back yard that you might view from the distance from your deck might be ideal at 7-8′ tall.

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