Large Sculptures

I am arbitrarily defining large sculptures as any sculpture 9′ high or wide or larger. These big, abstract art sculptures are a joy to see and a pleasure to build. I usually fabricate these large outdoor sculptures with 1/8″ and 1/4″ aluminum, a strong and tough metal that never rusts and is easier to handle than steel, being half the weight. Aluminum is naturally a bright, silvery color which also takes coatings with ease. Most of the large metal sculpture work I do is custom designed for the needs of a specific site. Occasionally I build a big metal sculpture just for the fun of it to place on our front lawn.

The two large red ribbon sculptures, fabricated for Sacred Heart Academy in Atherton, California, were a big new idea for me. I scaled up small 30″ high sculpture maquettes made with 10 gauge steel to 60″ high sculptures made with 1/4″ aluminum. These abstract metal sculptures were made with 8″ wide strips slit down the middle to make a doubled 4″ strip. Each strip was 20′ long! These were then shaped on a 10 foot wide, 15 horsepower roller that weighs 20 tons. It was a big learning curve but everything turned out well in the end.

Please contact us for purchase information and to discuss custom designed large sculptures for your projects.