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Moore Optical Illusion

Are you familiar with Kickstarter? It’s a site to Fund and Follow Creativity. There are many categories, each with several subcategories:

Kickstarter Sculpture

3d Printed Sculpture

Kickstarter – Sculpture

This Kickstarter-Sculpture project – Crania Anatomica Filigre: Me to You – by Joshua Harker in Chicago, IL, is currently 10,400% ($52,001!) funded with 14 days to go. This project is pertinent to sculptors as an example of another opportunity to consider, inspiring design work and because it utilizes the new 3-D Printing Technology. Here’s a video and a February 2010 Review on a 3-D Printing Device from CoolTools.

Here’s another Kickstarter Sculpture Project

Moore Pattern: A Kinetic Optical-Illusion Sculpture – love this and 223% funded = $33,582. An image of this Kickstarter project is at the top of the page. Here are more of his images.

One More Kickstarter Sculpture Project


kickstarter sculpture project

Spore Kickstarter Project

Spore is a sculpture created for the Grand Rapids, MI annual ArtPrize event, 102% funded ($15,308) with 146 backers.

More Opportunities

More Inspiration

Hope this is inspirational to you! I intend to do one of these projects soon. If you like it, please click & share. Love to read your feedback.

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