Creating a Custom Bronze Sculpture For a Small Niche

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Bronze Mobius Sculpture Rotated 16 views

Custom sculpture is a large part of my metal sculpture business. Custom sculpture can be tricky. You have to watch your dimensions carefully, especially if you are trying to fit into a niche or an exact space on a shelf.

This bronze mobius custom sculpture project was for a designer home in Orlando, FL and shipped in November. I was able to innovate some procedures that worked out well. And the customer was very happy.

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Custom Bronze Sculpture Specifics

This custom bronze sculpture was mostly tig welded, but I also used silicon bronze mig wire in my push-pull mig welder to tack the 1-7/8″ long copper pipe spacers in place. That worked well. In the past I have tried mig welding the sides and seams, but the bronze melts so easily that only 1-2 second beads are possible. Then those beads have to be ground smooth and a lot of tig welding is required to repair the holes in the mig welding. So it made a lot of sense to just tig weld the whole custom sculpture. I love high focus work and get a little high from the tig welding process. It’s definitely a flow experience.

Note that backers are required for all butt welds, no matter what metal you are working with, unless you have access to both sides of the metal.

Because of the size constraints, the crossover point was too tight to weld, grind and finish. I worked out the easy-to-repair areas to cut this custom sculpture into two parts, then sliced it up, finished the tight-fitting crossover areas and was back in the game. Very nice.

I didn’t want a bronze base for this custom sculpture, so I made one from aluminum and darkened it with some Smoke spray paint from Duplicolor. Then I used a granite block from Grizzly for the bottom base. Nice and heavy and looks great.

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Creating a Custom Bronze Sculpture For a Small Niche
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Creating a Custom Bronze Sculpture For a Small Niche
Creating a Custom Bronze Sculpture For a Small Niche - How to Fit the Sculpture to the Niche - How to Make a Small Bronze Sculpture - Making a Custom Bronze Mobius Sculpture

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