Bronze Sculptures

These contemporary bronze sculptures are fabricated from silicon bronze, a beautiful golden-hued metal. Bronze has been a celebrated medium of metal sculptors for millenia. Smaller bronze sculptures are ideal for tabletop or pedestal display. Think of them as being maquettes. They are beautiful from every angle. Bronze figure sculptures are popular with collectors. Large abstract bronze sculptures are perfect for sculpture gardens and outdoor display. Please enjoy my bronze sculpture gallery:

Bronze Sculptures: Details

These contemporary bronze sculptures are made with silicon bronze. Silicon bronze is 5% silicon (pure quartz) and 95% copper. The silicon makes it easier to weld than copper – also easier to cast. The copper enables the bronze to take on many of the patinas and flame colorations of copper. Bronze, like copper, doesn’t rust – it forms a patina on its surface which protects the metal below. Bronze statues were being made in China six thousand years ago: many are in perfect shape today.

Bronze sculptures were originally made with an alloy of copper and tin and/or zinc and lead, both alloys of which are available today. I create my fabricated bronze sculptures by shaping two ribbons of metal together, adding spacers to get the width, then welding on the sides in pieces. It’s a time-consuming labor of love but ensures that each bronze sculpture is individual and unique. A small circular sander is used to smooth out the welds and give the bronze surface a texture that catches and reflects the light from its many facets.

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Bronze Sculpture for Sale

All my sculpture work is custom designed, hand fabricated and for sale. Bronze is an expensive metal: 1/16″ bronze is twice as expensive as 1/16″ pure copper, and six times as expensive as 1/8″ 5052 aluminum and 1/16″ 304 stainless steel. However, sometimes it is the only way to get that special rich, warm look and charisma. Fabrication costs are higher than the metal cost for small sculptures, so bronze sculptures 36″ and smaller are about the same price as stainless steel. For larger sculptures, width must be increased at a greater rate than height, to achieve the same effect. Therefore, ten foot tall bronze sculptures can be 50% or more than the same sculpture in silver metals. But, speaking as a bronze sculpture artist, often times a bronze sculpture is the only way to go. Bronze has that unusual, beautiful golden color: it looks rich and warm.

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