Abstract Ribbon Sculptures

These abstract sculptures are made by rolling and shaping ribbons of metal into intricate and beautiful designs. Ribbons can be doubled side-by-side or doubled one-opposite the other. Both approaches create different effects that are very pleasing to the eye. Small abstract sculptures in ribbon designs are usually made with 1/8″ aluminum or 10 gauge steel, while the large ribbon sculptures for outdoors are made with 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″ aluminum. The thicker metals are exceptionally stiff and very hard to roll. Generally I need a 15 horsepower roller to shape them properly.

I define metal ribbons as being made from solid metal. Theoretically, these ribbons could be 1″ thick or wider, though I have not found the need for any thickness greater than 3/8″. My other sculptures are 4-sided or 3-sided hollow structures, each side being welded on its two sides – a great deal of welding and grinding to make it look good. Most sculptors don’t bother – they leave their welds unfinished: faster and cheaper, of course.

Modern abstract sculptures can be fabricated from metal ribbons with a great variety of designs and metals and an infinite variety of colors. I am partial to knots, waves and mobius designs. These abstract ribbon sculptures are great for homes and offices, indoors and outdoors. They can be made on a rotating base or a fixed base. They can be made in sizes from small tabletop sculptures to very large, even monumental, abstract sculptures.

Ribbons are the basis for my abstract hollow sculptures. I make them by shaping two ribbons, adding spacers, then sides. The hollow 3- and 4-sided sculptures require a great deal of welding and grinding and are thus much more expensive than the ribbon sculptures. Consider abstract ribbon sculptures as, not only beautiful, but an economical alternative to the sided hollow sculptures.

Please contact us for purchase information regarding custom ribbon sculptures for your project.