Steel Sculpture – Ribbon Design

steel Sculpture

Shaped Steel Ribbon
No Photoshop

This is a steel sculpture I finished in 2005, an early experiment with ribbon sculptures. I did about 20 ribbon sculptures at that time, with different metals,¬† but didn’t have the time to ponder on them and decide what to do next. I put them on the shelf and took care of the orders in the queue. And we didn’t really show them in the gallery, so this little metal sculpture didn’t actually sell until 2012. I shipped it to NYC in October 2012.

Sculpture Workshop 3-16-2012

Sculpture Shop Time Management Tool

Sculpture Shop Time Management Tool

 Sculpture Workshop: Time

Chess Clock – ever wonder how much time you are actually in the shop? Wondering why your projects are taking so long to finish? It is very easy to take a restroom break, grab another cup of coffee, do an email quote, return a phone call – suddenly an hour has gone by. This clock will keep you honest.

Sculpture Installation

large landscape sculptures

Pas de Deux 1
112″h x 30″w x 30″d

Please note: All my sculpture installations are very easy. However, since I am detail-oriented, I describe this procedure in so much detail that it may seem difficult. We are just back from a sculpture installation in the Cleveland area (Newbury, Ohio) of my Pas de Deux sculpture (pictured).¬† There were lots of reasons to go. My pianist & composer cousin Nick lives there and we hadn’t seen him for a while. It can take 8 hours to build a box and pack the sculpture in the box, then $500-$700 to ship it and then you are holding your breath for 2 days hoping the shippers haven’t damaged it in transit. Then you hope the sculpture installation expert knows what he is doing and doesn’t damage it. So it made sense to deliver the sculpture and do the sculpture installation myself.