Large Sculptures


I am arbitrarily defining large sculptures as any sculpture 9′ high or wide or larger. These big, abstract art sculptures are a joy to see and a pleasure to build. I usually fabricate these large outdoor sculptures with 1/8″ and 1/4″ aluminum, a strong and tough metal that never rusts and is easier to handle than steel, being half the weight. Aluminum is naturally a bright, silvery color which also takes coatings with ease. Most of the large metal sculpture work I do is custom designed for the needs of a specific site. Occasionally I build a big metal sculpture just for the fun of it to place on our front lawn.

large landscape sculptures

Pas de Deux 1
fabricated aluminum
112″h x 30″w x 30″d
including 30″ of two bases

large landscape sculptures

Reach for the Stars
fabricated aluminum
20′h x 6′w x 6′d
includes 60″ base

abstract large sculptures

Phoenix Dragon
fabricated aluminum
123″h x 54″w x 45″d
on flat 48″ round base

contemporary large sculptures

Bethesda Hospital
fabricated aluminum
184″h x 50″w x 40″d

large metal sculpture

Bethesda Hospital
Boynton Beach, Florida

large sculptures

Family Sculpture
fabricated aluminum
7′h x 10′w x 3′d

large sculptures outdoors

Family Sculpture
Lexington, KY

contemporary large sculpture

Lexington, KY
day view

big metal sculptures

Sacred Heart #1, 108″h x 48″w x 40″d, includes 48″ base

large metal sculptures

Sacred Heart 2
fabricated aluminum
108″h x 48″w x 40″d
included 48″ pedestal

The two large red ribbon sculptures, fabricated for Sacred Heart Academy in Atherton, California, were a big new idea for me. I scaled up small 30″ high sculpture maquettes made with 10 gauge steel to 60″ high sculptures made with 1/4″ aluminum. These abstract metal sculptures were made with 8″ wide strips slit down the middle to make a doubled 4″ strip. Each strip was 20′ long! These were then shaped on a 10 foot wide, 15 horsepower roller that weighs 20 tons. It was a big learning curve but everything turned out well in the end.

Please contact us for purchase information and to discuss custom designed large sculptures for your projects.

John Searles

Metal sculptor and metal artist John Searles lives in Southwest Michigan where he creates and ships his art sculptures around the world. Specializing in custom designs, sizes and materials and utilizing his expert fabrication techniques he enjoys every day transforming his imaginative ideas into metal.
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