Landscape Sculptures

These metal landscape sculptures are made with aluminum, bronze, or stainless steel. All three metals are excellent for outdoor sculpture use. Bronze was, of course, used by the Greeks and Romans for metal sculptures 2000 years ago (and the Chinese 4000 years ago!). Stainless steel is a very rich-looking metal perfect for outdoor metal sculptures. Aluminum is a very strong, non-rusting, bright, silvery colored metal. Aluminum is suitable for coastal environments, as well as wet, cold and hot locations. Aluminum is often used as an alternative to stainless steel for large landscape sculptures. Aluminum is the least expensive metal of the three and the easiest to fabricate, weld and finish.

Aluminum is widely used for boats and airplanes but also ideal for contemporary outdoor sculptures. Aluminum is strong and light-weight – about half the weight of steel for the same thickness and with essentially the same strength. It is rarely used in cars – except for racing cars and the most expensive collector cars like Ferraris: it is more expensive than steel and would put the automakers out of business. Imagine a world of high-mpg, non-rusting cars. Aluminum is a more expensive metal than steel for landscape sculptures and more difficult to weld than steel, but easier to weld (and less expensive) than bronze and stainless steel. For my aluminum landscape sculptures, I primarily use aluminum alloy 5052, which is about 97% aluminum with 2.8% magnesium plus some chromium and a dash of a few other metals. Freshly polished aluminum is a beautiful, bright silvery color, actually lighter and brighter than polished silver. With the proper clear coat, it can stay that way for 20-30 years. Without a clear coat, it slowly darkens a bit but never gets as dark as polished stainless steel (which is also rather light & bright). Aluminum neither stains nor rusts.

But given the chance and my client’s budget, I really love the look of bronze or stainless steel for a modern outdoor sculpture.

Most of my metal sculptures are actually also landscape sculptures and abstract garden sculptures. Only a few are not also ‘Ribbons’, ‘Large’, ‘Steel’, ‘Bronze’ or ‘Mobius’. I have included, on this page, examples from all these other categories to show how they look outside, in a landscaped setting.

Keep in mind that all these outdoor metal sculptures are for sale.

Please contact us for purchase information and discuss custom designed landscape sculptures for your project.

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