Avoiding Welding Helmet Sunburn – Face Burn – Neck Burn

Have you ever had your face and neck sunburned or deeply tanned while wearing your welding helmet? It sounds counter-intuitive. The helmet is supposed to protect you. Why isn’t it?

My wife noticed that I was looking deeply tanned after several days of welding. I also had what looked like sunburn on the sides of my neck. In addition, I had a white band at my hair-line which could only have come from the welding helmet since that is where the front part of the head-gear sits on my head. My nose is especially sensitive to sunburn and had been tingling.

Sculpture Bronze – Bronze for Sculptures – Silicon Bronze

sculpture bronze

Sculpture fabricated with silicon bronze

Bronze for Sculptures – Silicon Bronze

I only use C65500 high silicon “A” sculpture bronze for my bronze sculptures, such as Dancing Fire #1 (image at right). It has a beautiful gold color, slightly brownish. It can be patinated like copper from light tan to browns, blacks, all manner of greens, reds, blues: in fact, any color imaginable. But why? It is such a beautiful color. I like to celebrate its natural beauty. Coated with the proper outdoor-grade lacquer and the clear coat will last 10-20 years.

Welding Bronze Sculptures – How To Weld Bronze Sculptures

welding bronze sculptures

Dragon Song
other side

Mig welding bronze sculptures is quick and easy, once you learn how. I recently shipped two bronze sculptures (see images on the right) to China, for installation in the new Sheraton South City Hotel in Shenyang (Opening August 18, 2013). Shipping was via a broker in Illinois, Concordia International, though Fed Ex International would also have handled the shipment. It’s easier to use a broker because they keep the paperwork straight. Fed Ex International quoted me prices of about $300 per 80 lb crate, air shipment!

Mig Welding Aluminum Problem – Black Powder Residue

Mig Welding Aluminum Problems - Black Residue

Mig Welding Aluminum Problems – Black Residue

Mig Welding Aluminum Problem – Black Powder Residue

I had a struggle recently trying to solve a mig welding aluminum problem. I do a lot of aluminum mig welding, primarily with 4043 wire and always wonder, what is that black powdery residue on the edges of the weld? Was it soot? If so, where would the carbon be coming from? Was the argon sucking in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (venturi principle) and contaminating the weld?

Public Art Opportunities

public art opportunities

Installed in Wilshire Blvd. Condo (Los Angelos)

I am keeping a running list of all the public art opportunities that I am interested in applying for this year. I just copy and paste the opportunities into Wordpad from the available on-line lists. Please see a portion of the April-May deadline list below.

I have applied for about a dozen public art opportunities this year, some just for the practice. The more applications you do, the better you will get. Maybe I will get 1-2% of what I apply for.

How to Quickly and Securely Install a Sculpture Outdoors Without a Concrete Pad

outdoor sculptures

Upward Spiral

Normally I recommend to clients that they bolt their outdoor sculpture to a 4-6″ thick concrete pad with four to eight bolts, depending on the size of the sculpture. The major concerns are high winds and theft. (During the period when the US was selling all its scrap steel to China, one local sculptor had three of his steel sculptures stolen from outside his studio. What a heart breaker. They probably went straight to the scrap yard and then to China.)

Steel Sculpture – Ribbon Design

steel Sculpture

Shaped Steel Ribbon
No Photoshop

This is a steel sculpture I finished in 2005, an early experiment with ribbon sculptures. I did about 20 ribbon sculptures at that time, with different metals,  but didn’t have the time to ponder on them and decide what to do next. I put them on the shelf and took care of the orders in the queue. And we didn’t really show them in the gallery, so this little metal sculpture didn’t actually sell until 2012. I shipped it to NYC in October 2012.

Creating a Custom Bronze Sculpture For a Small Niche

metal sculpture

Bronze Mobius Sculpture Rotated 16 views

Custom sculpture is a large part of my metal sculpture business. Custom sculpture can be tricky. You have to watch your dimensions carefully, especially if you are trying to fit into a niche or an exact space on a shelf.

This bronze mobius custom sculpture project was for a designer home in Orlando, FL and shipped in November. I was able to innovate some procedures that worked out well. And the customer was very happy.

Fabricating a Large Metal Sculpture

big metal sculpture

Boynton Beach, FL #2Bethesda Hospital
Large Metal Sculpture

We (my intrepid assistant and I) fabricated a very large metal sculpture from aluminum and shipped it in October 2012 to the new Bethesda Hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida. I photographed each of the steps in the metal sculpture fabrication process and share 24 of the photos, with commentary, with you in this article.