Landscape Sculptures, Abstract Sculptures

Ribbon Sculptures are made with metal ribbons – solid metal with a width 10-20x the thickness of the metal. Ribbons sculptures are made with aluminum, stainless steel and steel. Sizes can range from desktop to monumental. Custom designs and sizes are my specialty.

Buy Metal Sculptures – these are in-house. Or place an order for a custom design.

Large Sculptures made with stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and steel.These are typically hollow, fabricated sculptures with three or four sides. Edges are welded and then finished for a perfect edge. Polished or brushed finish.

Bronze Sculptures are made with silicon bronze which has a naturally beautiful golden color. Typically these sculptures are hollow, with 3 or 4 sides expertly welded together and perfectly finished. Brushed finish or polished if space allows.Bronze sculptures can also be given myriad patina colors.

This Steel Sculpture Gallery includes both steel and stainless steel sculptures in a variety of styles and sizes.

Landscape Sculptures are made with stainless steel, aluminum, steel and bronze

Mobius and Nobius Sculptures – A Gallery showing a variety of metals and designs.

Rotating Sculptures – see a sculpture from every angle

Metaloids, Metal People

Metal Sculpture How To articles, metal sculpture tips and techniques, metal working, welding, etc

Sculptures On Site – there are so many great places to put a sculpture!

Metal Wall Art, Abstract Wall Sculptures, Copper Art Patinas, Art Tiles and More –

Contact John Searles or Jill Underhill to discuss your sculpture project. Do you know what size you need? Indoors? Outdoors? Budget? Color or metal?

I invite you to browse through my galleries of abstract metal sculptures made with aluminum, steel, stainless steel and bronze. My metal art sculptures are original, contemporary, nature-inspired and timeless. My intent is that a thousand years from now they will still inspire wonder and delight. NOTE: ALL THE METALWORK WALL ART HAS MOVED TO SEARLESART.COM

I’m pleased to see the breadth and depth of this collection of contemporary large sculptures and landscape sculptures. I focus everyday on staying challenged, busy and amused and then 30 years later found I’ve created 3000+ amazing works of art of all sizes and varieties. My goal is to celebrate the human spirit and my passion for life. I often have music in my head and a sense of the powerful movement of energy around me. I seek to express this harmonious dynamic energy and uplifting music with the permanent medium of beautiful metal.

I welcome the opportunity to serve you with commissioned metal landscape sculptures as well as with the modern metal sculpture and lawn sculptures I’ve already made.  Most of the work I do is customized with regard to size, design and materials. Occasionally I have already completed sculpture work here available for quick shipping. Please contact me by email. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback. I am based in Harbert in southwestern Michigan, 80 miles from the center of Chicago, 10 miles from Indiana and 1/2 mile from Lake Michigan. (Here’s a Google Map.) I often travel to shows and exhibitions and to deliver/install large pieces.

My metal landscape sculptures include contemporary and abstract bronze, steel, stainless steel and aluminum free-standing large lawn sculptures. I also make large wall sculptures,  metal wall art weavings, outdoor metal art, and metal art tiles. You can find many examples of the latter at Please enjoy your adventure through my world of metal art sculptures.

“Through all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist: Give me a chance to do my best.” Karen Blixen